Holy trinity episcopal academy

The IDEAS Institute

For 66 years, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy has remained steadfast to the premise that a “whole child” approach to education offers students the greatest opportunity for success in college, career, and life. Our teachers know that modern, hands-on approaches to learning are essential in creating a strong academic and socio-emotional foundation, along with adaptability and the skills to navigate our rapidly changing, technology-based world. And as they are continually seeking opportunities to advance their instructional techniques to deliver an unrivaled educational experience and equip students with the knowledge and enrichments to “Go Anywhere,” we recognize our facilities must evolve to meet their caliber of teaching.
The IDEAS Institute is envisioned as an extension of Holy Trinity’s Upper and Lower School IDEAS Centers which offer designated spaces for immersive classes that foster inquiry- and project-based learning, as well as co-curricular experiences beyond traditional classroom academics.
Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, Applied Solutions