Holy trinity episcopal academy


Holy Trinity Leadership

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  • Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, Head of School

  • Mr. Janis Pamiljans, Board Chair

Help Light the Way

Are you interested in becoming involved in the IDEAS Institute? Please contact the Advancement Office: Advancement@htes.org

Steering Committee

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  • Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Stacy-Anne Zeller, Chairs

    The Zeller family are active members of the Holy Trinity community, deeply rooted within Brevard County. Nathan and Stacy-Anne have two sons who attend Holy Trinity: Victor (Upper School student) and Martin (Lower School student). Nathan is in business development with Siemens Energy and Stacy-Anne is a local real estate agent. Nathan is originally from St. Louis, MO and Stacy-Anne is a Brevard County native.

    The Zellers enjoy a large, extended family in the area, who make a great cheering section for Victor and Marty, whether on the football, baseball or soccer fields, and everything in between!  They love to be on the water, boating and fishing, and hold a deep appreciation for everything our unique area has to offer.

    Holy Trinity’s focus on Mind, Body and Spirit was the drawing factor for the Zeller family. Victor and Marty are able to fully participate in and grow all of their interests, from inside the classroom and on the chess team, a variety of sports, school development groups like the I-Team, and to their participation in Character Education and Chapel services.

    "We feel blessed and proud every day to be part of the Holy Trinity family, and are excited to share everything that the IDEAS Institute will offer our faculty and students. Join us in Lighting the Way toward an exciting and successful future for Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy!"


  • Dr. Jim and Mrs. Jeri Ronaldson

    Alumni parents and current HT grandparents
  • Dr. Kyle and Mrs. Jennifer Moyles

    EOE co-chair and current HT parents
  • Dr. Michael and Mrs. Jessica Eisenmenger Fleming

    Class of 2004 and current HT parents
  • Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Beth Reeve

    Volunteers, coach, and current HT parents
  • Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Gina Nigara

    Past PA President and current HT parents
  • Mr. Chris and Mrs. Lisa Hudson

    Robotics volunteer and current HT parents
  • Mr. Dan and Mrs. Keena Schwinn

    Board of Trustee member, volunteer, and current HT parents
  • Mr. Eric and Mrs. Mica Layne

    PA President and current HT parents
  • Mr. Phillip and Dr. Lynell Newmarch

    Volunteers and current HT parents
  • Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Lindsay Stazzone

    Volunteer and current HT US parent
  • Mrs. Dipty Desai

    Board of Trustee member and alumni parent
  • Mrs. Jackie Schmoll

    Current HT parent
  • Mrs. Monica Shah

    Volunteer and current HT parent
  • Mr. Rick and Mrs. Amy Balda

    Current HT parents
  • Ms. Beverly Greene

    HT alumni parents